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​​​Our Mission

​We exist to ensure the lasting value of every foundation employing our technology.  We believe in statistical process control and defining problems early and well. We value quality, integrity, safety and a genuine concern for the customers, communities, employees, suppliers and investors we serve. 

Our advanced long range 3D microsensor can reach hundreds of feet into a foundation and is independently calibrated and fully traceable.

In a typical year in the United States, expansive soils cause a greater financial loss to property owners than earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, and tornadoes combined.


Houston: 713-492-4560 

Austin: 512-619-0625

Save money (and grow equity) through an early diagnosis of movement and successful implementation of independent remediation.

​​​​​​​​​​Flat Foundations Forever!

Welcome to Steadfast Foundation Technologies, LLC.  We believe that foundations can and should stay flat forever. When a home is built using the Steadfast Foundation system, objective, internal foundation data can be gathered throughout the lifetime of the home. If movement is detected, action can be taken early, reducing costs and helping foundations last for generations, not years.

We provide fast, reliable and accurate foundation measurements and securely store the 3D data securely int he event that you, or a future owner, should need it.

Our technology is entry free - no technician needs to enter the structure

to take reading and nothing about our technology is visible inside.

Homeowners can obtain a secure summary report of their home's foundation history and status on our website at any time. 

We have developed the most reliable advanced foundation measurement technology available that measures the concrete internally.

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