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Where we came from

Steadfast Foundation Technologies, LLC began in 2001 with a desire to turn the tide on moving foundations through the design of a new foundation system designed to target expansive clays in the Gulf Coast Region of the US.  While the original design concepts appeared to solve the issues many seemed financially out of reach or relied on technology that needed years and years of testing.  Although out first designs met many of the initial goals, there was always the statistical probability no matter what, nature always wins.  Fix the soil and you find a flood.  Raise the foundation above the soil the subsidence takes over.  Maintain the moisture and a tree dies and causes settling. 

However, as testing continued on the design and market studies were initiated, one thing seemed consistent across the board - what people really wanted to know is if their foundation truly was flat.  While many turn to a home inspection for that answer, since a foundation is manually installed there is not guarantee that the structure began with a flat foundation from the start.  While one inspector might require dozens of piers to be installed as a repair another could say that the home was fine.  It is this subjective nature that has caused insurance companies to shy away from insuring many foundations and making them all the more expensive to insure.

Through a recognition of the need for good data from the very "birth" of a foundation, a breakthrough technology was crafted that promised to help all new foundations through a 3D measurement of the foundation from within the concrete.  After additional time spent in lab testing of concept and additional iterations of the technology, independent engineering approval was given for use of our technology in residential foundations for a local builder.   

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Where we are today

As breakthroughs continued, the investment in technology and recruitment of excellent talent continued to expand along with a customer base and outside capital investments.  Steadfast Technologies has the ability to plug in a foundation diagnostic tool on an annual basis (or any time there is a concern about the condition of the foundation), the data is plugged into our servers, and a report is auto generated from the repeatable data set.  The final report is easy to interpret for the lay person and can be accessed exclusively via our secure server login.

As commonly recommended in the terms of the ten year limited structural warranty, Steadfast Foundation Technologies can annually measure the foundation for movement from the structure's Digital Data Port, which is usually located near the garage door on residential applications.  Annual inspection with accurate tools means that corrections can be made earlier and often at a lower cost since issues can be detected early into the life of the dwelling.

‚ÄčNo matter the new foundation project, whether residential, commercial, or municipal, Steadfast Foundation Technologies, LLC, is ready to help you maintain a flat foundation forever.  Please give us a call and let us prove to you how we measure up.

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