When investing in commercial construction, irrefutable foundation data can be very important.  Disrupting the revenue stream of a tenant to make repair has significant repercussions.  Likewise, tenant induced foundation damage should not go unnoticed at the end of a lease.  Taking a gamble that the foundation will stay flat is often not a lucrative one.  Let our sales team work with you to eliminate the potential of future losses from foundation issues.  It’s much cheaper than you think!

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With a Steadfast plaque on the foundation, builders can showcase a clear quality differentiator that can reduce the cost of construction.  Further, both the builder and homeowner can benefit well beyond the usual ten year limited warranty.  Builders now also have an objective way to evaluate the long term performance of their foundation suppliers and increase the adoption of foundation improving technologies.  Reach out to us to get started.


(c) Copyright, 2017 All Rights Reserved, Patents Pending