5. Monitor for generations, not just ten years.

Owners, under an annual diagnostic agreement, receive an internal 3D inspection annually from a Steadfast Foundation Technologies certified technician to provide updates.  The inspection is completed from the outside of the structure and owner is notified that an inspection is available.  If concerns should arise, having several years of movement data will make any decision an informed decision. 

Because soil and foundation movement is expected in regions with expansive clays, we can help to provide peace of mind where only worry exists today.  We can look at our database and help to separate what is normal or seasonal or connect you with a repair company with a known track record.  We are compatible with all known foundation types and repair techniques.  After the repair, we can provide an independent review that the foundation was indeed returned to the initial flat state whether that foundation starts moving in year 15 or 25.  Further, we can continue to provide annual inspections to provide continued independent evidence that the underlying problem and repair is under control.

When the time comes to sell your home, or turn it over to the next generation, we can provide an independent SteadFax report.  This report is included with an annual diagnostic agreement and reduces the risk that a home sale will fall through due to an unexpected foundation problem.


Terms and conditions apply.  See a Steadfast Foundation Technologies representative for details or click on the link below.  Some of the features described may not be available for your specific foundation.

This technology is protected by US Patent 10,087,596.  Additional patents pending.   

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Quality is easy to measure.

We have developed a patented technology that can help you maintain a flat foundation forever.  To discover how we do it, please read on.

2. Pour the Steadfast foundation

3. Obtain baseline readings of your Steadfast foundation

1. Design the Steadfast foundation 

The foundation is measured again prior to closing, which allows the builder to confirm that there are no immediate foundation movement issues present below the surface.  Since the measurements taken by Steadfast Foundation Technologies are computer driven, we remain an objective party in this assessment.  The sensors used are independently calibrated and NIST traceable for added assurance that the data is objective.  Even though our sensor has demonstrated the ability to repeat data points as thin as our business cards, we state an accuracy of +/- 3/8 inches.  This is well within the guidelines recommended by national measurement standards.

Next, a certified crew installs the conduit (the blue tubing in the image) and digital data port, performs an integrity test and the concrete is poured.  The conduit is cast into the concrete and becomes a unique 3D reference for all future foundation readings.

First, the builder's foundation design is reviewed and a proposed conduit layout is determined.  All future measurements are taken through this conduit.  This detailed plan is sent to the builder's foundation design firm for approval.  This marks the initiation of the file associated with a specific foundation serial number.

4. Obtain second reading and plot the change on an elevation heatmap.

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add'l patents pending. 

Shortly after the foundation is poured, a Steadfast Foundation Technologies crew measures the conduit over hundreds of feet and establishes the baseline foundation data set in three dimensions (X, Y, and Z).  Our microsensor technology can record the elevation changes of the foundation from within the concrete and report back the findings in clear language via a secure login web page.

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